Cut through the information overload and emotional overwhelm!

When your child is struggling, educating yourself is essential for your child's success. At ChildNEXUS, we understand this can be overwhelming. In addition to reading books and articles, you may have spent hours reaching out to professionals for consultations and months waiting for an appointment.

Our self-paced mini-courses provide a roadmap for supporting your child at home and school. Led by ChildNEXUS Founder and clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Karen Wilson, mini-courses are available for parents and caregivers of children diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, or Dyslexia.

Get the answers, guidance and support you need now!

Our On-Demand Mini-Courses Equip Parents and Caregivers to:

Better understand your child's diagnosis

Determine the type of assessment your child needs

Make sense of assessment report results

Decide what to do after the assessment

Understand treatment and intervention options: What is best for your child/teen?

Better understand medication options (ADHD and Anxiety)

Know how to support your child at home

Embrace your whole child - They are more than a diagnosis

Learn the social and emotional factors that impact your child’s learning

Know how to get appropriate educational and emotional support for your child/teen

Feel equipped to effectively advocate for your child at school

Understand your child’s legal rights

Push against the stigma of learning differences and mental health challenges

Build a support network

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